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Security workers tax refunds


If you work in the security industry and travel to different places of work, you could be owed a tax refund if your employer doesn’t pay the full amount of travel expenses that HMRC say you’re entitled to including for meals, hotels and uniforms.

You can also claim for the cost of your security industry association (SIA) licence if your employer has not paid for this for you. Also depending on your job requirements, you may need a public space surveillance (CCTV) licence.


Your claim can be backdated four years. Once you have made your claim HMRC will adjust your tax code to include the expenses. This will then continue in to any future years’ tax codes whilst in the same employment.

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What tax refunds are security workers entitled to?


Those who work in the security industry could be eligible to claim tax back on a variety of work-related expenses, including:


  • Travel costs
  • Uniform and laundry costs
  • SIA and other license costs and fees


Security workers may be eligible for a tax rebate if their employer doesn’t pay for travel expenses – whether they use public transport or their own vehicle to travel to different workplaces.


If you are a security worker you may also be eligible to claim for other expenses such as the food you eat, your uniform, your SIA licence and any hotel stays you pay for that are related to your work.

What information do I need to start a tax refund claim?


In order to assess your eligibility for a tax rebate, we will require the following information:


  • A list of the all places you’ve travelled to work This is the most important thing in terms of claiming back travel expenses.
  • Receipts for any expenses  – This can include receipts for any laundry costs for your work uniform (if you have to wash it yourself) and any licence fees you have to pay (e.g. SIA registration, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence, Cash and Valuables in Transit licence etc…
  • Employment contract – For each job you have had during the period you are claiming for.
  • Copy of your photo ID – Driving licence or passport is fine.
  • Proof of address – Utility bills or bank statements.
  • Wage slips – Ideally from April 2012 onwards
  • Other supporting documents – For instance, your vehicle’s MOT certificate, P60s or P45s etc…

Why wait? It’s no refund no fee so you’ve nothing to lose!

For more details apply online now or call 0333 240 6122

SIA registration and other licence fees


The Security Industry Authority is the regulatory body of the security industry in the UK and its role is to make sure that people have the correct training and qualifications to work in the industry. Subsequently, if you want to work in the security industry the law says you will require an SIA licence – which requires the undertaking of SIA training and the passing of exams. If you are caught working in security without an SIA licence then you could be faced with a fine of up to £5,000 or even a prison sentence.


The main areas of the security industry that the SIA focuses on are:


  • Manned guarding, which includes everything from door supervision through to security guard work
  • Vehicle immobilisation, restriction and removal
  • Key holding


The cost of the SIA licence is £220, which you have to pay even if you are unsuccessful and don’t get your licence. In some cases the employer might pay the fee for you, but if they don’t you could be eligible for tax relief on the cost of the licence.


Other security licences…


Some forms of security work require other licences, the cost of which can also be included in a tax rebate claim:


  • Cash and Valuables in Transit licence
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) licence
  • Close Protection licence

Why wait? It’s no refund no fee so you’ve nothing to lose!