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Construction worker tax refunds


1 in 3 construction workers in the UK currently pays too much tax, and £80 million a year of that goes unclaimed from HMRC.

That’s effectively your money that you have worked hard for, so submit a tax refund claim now to get back what is rightfully yours.

All construction workers can apply for a tax refund, and we can also help self-employed construction workers to fill out their self-assessment.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose for you to check if you are eligible for a tax refund. We work on a No Refund, No Fee basis so apply now…

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What tax refunds can construction workers claim?


If you are employed in the construction industry and pay tax under the PAYE scheme, you are likely to have incurred job related expenses such as travel from site to site in your own vehicle; tools purchased yourself for your job; lodgings and meals if away from home. You can claim for the last four tax years.


All claims are slightly different, but most construction worker tax rebate claims we deal with are focused on the following expenses:


Travel costs – using either your own vehicle or public transport to get to different building sites. Learn more about claiming mileage allowance relief.


Tools – if you pay for a tool that you use for work, then you could include the cost in a tax claim. Learn more about claiming a tool tax rebate.


Uniform – claim for washing your own company logoed or protective clothing. Learn more about claiming a uniform tax refund.


Accommodation and subsistence – claim back tax if you lodge away from home for work

Construction industry (CIS) scheme


If you’re registered under the CIS scheme you are guaranteed a refund of a minimum of £2,000 each tax year that you have worked in the scheme. This is because your personal allowance is not taken into consideration when you are paid for a job.


You can also claim for job related expenses such as:

Travelling to and from sites
Vehicle costs, servicing and maintenance
Finance and leasing costs
Accommodation and meals
Any tools & equipment purchases by you
I.T computer equipment
Mobile phones/landline phones
Use of your home as an office base
Bank charges
Printing & Stationery
Accountancy fees


It’s easy to get started… We need copies of CIS statements, P60 if applicable, UTR or CIS number, and for you to tell us about your experience.

Why wait? It’s no refund no fee so you’ve nothing to lose!