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Why would I be entitled to a refund?

There are a number of reasons that you may be entitled to a refund. You may not have claimed all of the allowable deductions available to you, or you may be on the wrong tax code, you may have worked only part of the year, or not exceeded your personal allowance. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we estimate that 1 in 3 people are due some kind of tax refund from HMRC.

What information will I need to make a claim?

When you apply to make a claim with us, we will ask you details about your income and expenses for the past 4 tax years. We may require your P45 and P60 tax certificates and details of any benefits from your employer (such as a company car, or health insurance) which will be recorded on your P11D. HMRC may ask us for sight of these documents. If you are in the construction industry and are in the CIS scheme, copies of your CIS certificates will be required. We may also need proof of any expenses you are claiming for.

What is PAYE?

Pay As You Earn is the system HMRC use in order to collect income tax and National Insurance from employees. If you are within the PAYE system you will have tax and national insurance automatically deducted from the wage you receive from your employer. Find out more: What is PAYE?

What if i'm not due a refund?

If we calculate that you have paid the correct tax, and you are not due a refund, we will not charge you for our service. However if we manage to reduce a tax liability for you then we will charge 30% of the reduction secured on your behalf.

What if I've underpaid tax?

In the event that we discover that you’ve underpaid tax, we will inform you. At your request, we can look into the underpayment further and liaise with HMRC on your behalf. Our normal fee structure will apply.

Who can claim?

Anyone who thinks they have overpaid tax to HMRC within the past 4 years can submit a claim to HMRC to have it repaid to them.

How far back can I claim?

Claims for previous years should be made as soon as possible, as the window for making claims is currently only 4 years – so apply now!

I'm in CIS - Can I claim?

The CIS scheme sets out the rules for how payments between contractors and sub-contractors must be handled. Under the scheme, contractors deduct certain payments from sub-contractors, which can include income tax which is often taken without allowable deductions. If you work within the CIS scheme, contact us to find out if you have a valid claim!

What are your charges?

If we calculate that you are due a refund, we will liaise with HMRC, submit your claim and manage the entire process on your behalf. For our complete, no hassle service, we charge a modest fee, which is 30% (inclusive of VAT) of any reclaim you receive. (*Minimum fee of £15.00 applies *)

Will my information be passed to anyone?

No! Our service is completely confidential, and your details will never be passed to a third party without your consent.

I have two part time jobs - Can I claim?

Yes! Provided that you are entitled to a reclaim, having two jobs won’t affect your claim. Please include details of both employments on your application pack.

How do I claim?

Claiming overpaid tax with Your Tax Refund is straightforward. We take all the hassle out of making a claim, so all you need to do is complete our simple questionnaire and we’ll take it from there. START NOW >>>

How long will it take for my refund to be paid?

Normally, refunds are processed by HMRC within 12 weeks. We endeavour to submit your claim to HMRC within 10 days of us receiving all of the required information. Find out more: How long do tax refunds take?

What if I can't find all of the information you require?

We may need copies of certain official documentation in order to process your claim. If you are unable to provide this we can ask for your authority and request it on your behalf. HMRC may ask for the original documents if they are missing any information from your record.

What tax code should I be on?
This depends on your individual circumstances, and depend on the allowances you are entitled to. This is why it is so easy for errors to occur. We can review your tax coding to ensure that you are on the correct tax code.
I've paid emergency tax - Am I entitled to a refund?

If you have paid emergency tax, it is possible that you have overpaid tax. Contact us and we can assess your claim.

Find out more: What is emergency tax?