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Ministry of Defence tax refunds


Work for the Ministry of Defence? You could be due a tax rebate!

If you work for the Ministry of Defence you may be eligible to claim a tax rebate for some of your travel expenses. Even if you have received GYH (get you home pay) or HTD (home to duty) payments from the Ministry of Defence you are still eligible to claim. You can claim for the last four tax years.


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What MoD workers are eligible for tax relief?


We can help any Ministry of Defence employers from Army, RAF and Navy employee’s.


If you have already completed your phase 1 training you can claim for using your own vehicle or public transport from your home to base, this also includes overseas bases.


You can also claim for any trips made for training purposes.  If you are located at a base for 24 months or less, or your assignment order stated you are intended to be at a base for 24 months or less you are eligible to make a claim. If you have receipts we can also claim for mess dress


If you have left the Ministry of Defence in the last four years you are still entitled to make a claim.


Am I eligible for uniform allowance?


The Ministry of Defence and HMRC have an agreement to allow for tax relief to be given automatically in your tax code meaning you do not have to make a claim.


The process is simple and straight forward; we deal with everything for you. Depending on circumstances we may need paper work from you, below is a list of documents HMRC may request:


  • A copy of your assignments order stating the expected time spent at your base
  • Move and track documents
  • Pay slips – if you do not have copies of these your local JPAC enquiry center can help.

MoD tax refund for travel


Whatever branch of the Armed Forces you’re in – the Army, Royal Navy, RAF – you are still entitled to a HMRC tax rebate, including claiming back for the travel you have done in the last four years.


Even if you have now left the Armed Forces you may be eligible to claim tax back for travelling to temporary postings.


MoD tax refunds may even still apply if you are already receiving a refund at the Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA) rate. HMRC say that for travel to temporary postings that qualify for an Armed Forces refund, the mileage rate should be:

  • 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles travelled
  • 25p per mile after that

In order to claim an MoD tax refund for travel expenses, you will need to keep accurate records. This can be done using a log book, in which you can record all of the miles you get through when travelling. The best advice when recording your mileage is to be as specific as possible – it may seem a bit of a chore at the time but you will be glad of the thorough records when it comes to claiming your tax back!


It’s a good idea to get into the habit of noting down the mileage on your vehicle’s counter before heading off, and then noting it when you get to your destination in order to keep your records up to date at all times.


Alternatively you can just keep notes of the postcodes or addresses of the places you’ve travelled to and we can do the working out for you. Learn more about claiming mileage allowance relief.

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MoD tax refunds when posted overseas


If you are posted overseas then you are entitled to the exact same UK tax refund for travelling to and from temporary postings.


In fact, if you travel independently from your UK residence to an overseas posting then you could be entitled to quite a large travel expenses tax refund. However, if your family has moved overseas with you then your main residence may not be the UK – so you will not be eligible to make a refund claim for your travel costs.


If you would like to learn more or have any questions about your potential eligibility, get in touch with us today.

MoD tax refunds for meals


Meals can be included as expenses when you are posted to a temp base, and they can add up to a very worthwhile claim.


The average MoD tax rebate claim usually includes about £250 from meal expenses per year, which can represent as much as 35% of your total tax refund. To put it another way, that can add up to around £12,000 over the course of your working life.


Including meal costs in your claim can prove to be tricky though, so it is well worth keeping as much of a record of what you spend as possible e.g. receipts, photos of food prices etc…

Why wait? It’s no refund no fee so you’ve nothing to lose!